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          The story took a dramatic turn when one of the attackers whipped out a weapon: a green dragon crescent blade, which was wielded by Guan Yu, a legendary general in the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280).
          Qu, the lawyer, said that Li met Qin in August 2012 and fell in love with him.
          The United States dominates the rankings with 54 brands, which accounts for 71 percent of the lists market value.
          We are hoping in a few months to announce our first pilot project, he added.
          We remain quite confident that most of Chinas growth drivers remain in place, and the global economy is recovering, and this will help Chinas economy, too, he said.
          When the local government set up the special promotion commission for the automotive industry in 2008, Volkswagens flagship model Jetta rolled off the production line with an annual output of only 40,000 units in the Chengdu zone.
          This will be expanded this year to more cities that have the requisite equipment and technology.
          Some pilot taxation incentives will be expanded, and the value added tax will be consolidated.
          An explosive device - which may have been part of a security mechanism - went off after the safe was opened, she said.
          Of the new discoveries, 202 million tons of oil and 381.
          Machines capable of making life easier for seniors were of particular interest to Mr Xiong, 82, and his wife, who requires a wheelchair.
          Xi said this on July 28 while meeting with heads of the delegations for the 7th Meeting of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues.
          This can then generate what I call inclusive growth and then you could have poverty reduction.
          Meanwhile, while building a country with the rule of law, the government should unveil specific rules that no person will be imprisoned in labor camps over their comments, critics have urged.
          The exposed roots once held in their grip buttons, human bones and old coffin nails - vital clues in a centuries-old unsolved mystery.
          This will provide opportunities to Chinese companies to develop solutions, and use their experts and analysts when they see profitable fields.
          In seconds, the second floor collapsed.
          I spoke to some kaifong (neighborhood people) and they said that even in the 1960s they didnt have toilets, says Lau.
          An elderly woman searches through donated clothes at a soup kitchen run by the Orthodox church in Athens, Greece, February 15, 2017.
          Private companies should also be encouraged to do the same with tax reductions and exemptions, he said.
          56 million households participated in that campaign, Zeng said.
          The West Lake State Guest House witnessed another important historic moment between Chinese and American leaders, as 44 years ago, Chinas then-Premier Zhou Enlai met with former US President Richard Nixon.
          Of those, 99 are from the Chinese mainland, seven are from Taiwan, and four are from Hong Kong (no companies from Macao made the list).
          Meanwhile, there have been no reports of any local government official being sacked or punished since the cave-ins.
          This could include a temporary customs union with the bloc for up to three years after Britain leaves in 2019, to give businesses time to adjust to the new rules.
          German director Volker Schlondorff as well as Alfonso Cuaron have also reportedly visited the set since filming began in Beijing in June.
          One of Wangs relatives, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he did not agree with the account found in the authorities statement.
          Thus, they have turned to creative methods to shift stock, such as promotions or discounts, and begun to incorporate the demands of the market into the design and production of smart, electric or hybrid models.
          The 121-cm-tall, 28-kg Pepper, which has no hair but two large doll-like eyes and a flat-panel display on its chest, was developed jointly with Aldebaran Robotics, which produces autonomous humanoid robots.
          A police investigation showed the attackers were influenced by religious extremism.
          A child smiles at the camera on a train stopping at Guangzhou railway platform, July 21, 2014.
          In terms of migrants workers feeling of happiness, Beijing ranks 14th among all the 20 cities surveyed, Shanghai 18th and Quanzhou, a small city in Fujian province, topped the list.
          A total of 35 students from grades 8 to 11 submitted five essay questions and two teacher recommendations each to apply.
          It’s better for the two countries to reap some early harvest benefits in resolving their decades-old vexed border issue.
          In 2000, when Chinas growing enterprise market - currently ChiNext, which is the nations Nasdaq-style stock market - was expected to open, he set up CSM Group with just 600,000 yuan in available funds.
          Polonium can be a byproduct of the chemical processing of uranium, but usually is made artificially in a nuclear reactor or a particle accelerator.
          Its a major achievement of the worlds anti-fascist war, and established the foundation for the post-war world order, he said.
          4 degrees north and 97.
          Unlike the Shaolin Temple tour - another attraction the agency is offering during the holiday - the Beijing campaign will be more about leisure and fun.
          He is the third longest-serving senator and currently serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, vice chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, and a member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.
          But Li said repair efforts have met with bottleneck restrictions, such as the shortage of experienced artisans, lack of proper technologies and a heavy workload made even more challenging by a long work cycle.
          We knew it was going to be a hard match.
          Staff are checking these documents to verify the details, if theyre in line with the program understanding, he added.
          As the worlds largest investor in low-carbon energy, with an outlay of about billion last year, China has set a goal for its carbon dioxide emissions to peak by 2030 or earlier.
          Applicants for the national-level civil servant exam wait outside the test site at Nanjing Forestry University in Jiangsu province, Nov 24, 2013.
          Beijing sees the rise of consumers as the key driver of growth for a generation to come in the wake of the massive urbanization of the last three decades that lifted an estimated 600 million people from poverty and turned Chinas export-focused factories into the new workshops of the world.
          They said that freight charges work out to about 3.

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